In Studio Procedure

Check In


-All students must wait in their car to be checked in.

-Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class time

-Text "HERE" to Ms Bekah at 757-790-0479 when you arrive

-You will receive a "CHECK IN" return text when it is your turn to check in.

-Once your receive your check in text... please wait at the "YOU"RE NEXT TO CHECK IN" sign

-Ms Bekah will then bring you up for Check In

-Once checked in, you will be directed to the studio to take your place for class

-Please take off all street shoes before entering onto the dance floors

-ONLY dancers are allowed in the studio to keep with social distancing at this time

-Masks are recommended but not required while dancing. Dancers will remain in designated dance space at a safe distance

-Lobby, Office and Dressing Rooms are CLOSED at this time

-Please only bring what you need for class. You will keep your stuff with you at all times in your dance space provided.

-Make sure to BRING YOU OWN WATER BOTTLE! The water fountain near the bathroom will be closed to dancers. We have the water bottle refill station in the lobby which will be available to dancers t refill their water bottle if needed

Check Out

-Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled class time to pick up your dancer

-Please text "PICK UP" to 757-790-0479 when you arrive

-Students will be released one by one to keep with social distancing

- Class will end 15 minutes ahead of class end time to allow for check out and easy transition to the next class.

-Dancers who are in the next class will remain in their same dance space. They are not to leave this space for break unless directed to do so by Ms. Bekah

These procedures are in place to keep our dancers and staff as safe as possible. We take pride in making sure our studio is clean and sanitized.