Nutcracker Info

Nutcracker "The Movie"

We are so excited to announce that the first time ever EPDA will be performing The Nutcracker... Movie edition! Due to keeping our dancers safe and restrictions put on theatre's, we have made the decision to create a Movie for our December recital!

Who will participate?... All students will be cast into the show. Specific classes will have a role to play in The Nutcracker

Will there be extra rehearsals? ...Yes, there will be potential for extra rehearsals. The roles will be chosen from the Audition held on September 12th. All ballet level 2 and up students may audition for these extra roles. All others will be rehearsed during normal class hours.

When is the audition for extra roles? ... September 12th from 12pm-1:30PM. Please be sure to check in just like normal class and bring your audition form already filled out. A link will be attached to this page. All auditioned fees will be credit ONLY.

When will the cast list be posted? ... The cast list for the entire show will be posted on Sunday September 13th. This list will be posted on the door of the studio! Once it is posted you will receive a text letting everyone know when it is up! We want to make sure we do not have a large clump of people at the door due to COVID social distancing! We know you are so excited and we are excited for you but we ask that you please be courteous to others!

Will there be a dress rehearsal? ... Yes we will have set days for your dress rehearsal and will make sure to run our rehearsals specifically to our recommended COVID guidelines. Dates to follow.

When will filming be? ... Filming will take place at the studio on

NOVEMBER 21st...


930-1045AM-ACT 1

1045-12PM- ACT 2

Will there costumes? ... Yes! We will be ordering costumes just like normal. Costumes are ordered for our recitals and this will be treated exactly the same!

Will there be any extra fees? ... As some of your know a large portion our of studio's income every year comes from the success of our shows! Without our shows our studio sees a loss each year. Costs associated with the shows pays for the cost of putting on our shows and we hope to raise a profit for studio expenses throughout the year. This years costs associated with our Movie will be the purchase of the costumes, DVD, and any apparel you wish to purchase.

We will be offering "Nutcracker" apparel and gifts for your purchase. In replace of show tickets you will purchase your DVD. These will be ready in time for CHRISTMAS and will make great Christmas presents!

Can I Volunteer? ... YES, YES, AND YES!!! We love our volunteers and we rely on our parents and families coming together for the success of our studio! Please contact Ms. Bekah if you wish to help in any way!